Silbat Sponsors the 15th World Conference on TPV generation of electricity

The World Conference on Thermophotovoltaic Generation of Electricity is a significant international event for discussing and advancing thermophotovoltaic (TPV) technology. The conference series began in 1994 with the inaugural TPV conference hosted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Copper Mountain, Colorado.

Historically, the conferences were conducted in person, mostly in the USA and Europe. However, in 2014, the last onsite TPV conference (TPV-11) was held in Amsterdam, and since then, the conferences have been virtual. But now, after ten years of virtual gatherings, the 15th edition of the conference (TPV-15) is set to return to an onsite format in Madrid, Spain, which is an ideal opportunity to celebrate the remarkable 30-year history of the TPV conference series.

Over the past three decades, TPV technology has made significant progress, evolving from early challenges such as the absence of efficient III-V semiconductors to the recent development of devices achieving record efficiencies exceeding 40%. The evolution of TPV technology into the most efficient solid-state heat engine has opened up a diverse array of applications across multiple markets. TPV technology is making significant strides in fields such as waste heat recovery, portable power generators, and energy storage.

Of particular note is the application of TPV technology in high-temperature thermal batteries, which are designed to facilitate very low-cost energy storage for long-duration grid-scale and/or combined heat and power generation. The growing interest in thermal batteries is generating a renewed focus on TPV technology, considering its potential to directly convert the extreme temperature heat stored in these batteries into electricity.

This interconnectedness and the potential synergy between TPV technology and high-temperature thermal batteries are key reasons why the TPV-15 conference is being held in conjunction with the 2nd edition of the Ultra High-Temperature Thermal Energy Storage (UHTES) Workshop. This collaborative initiative aims to bring together experts and innovators in these fields to foster a deeper understanding, share insights, and explore avenues for advancing both TPV technology and ultra-high-temperature thermal energy storage. It reflects a strategic approach to harnessing collective knowledge and expertise to drive innovations that can shape the future of sustainable energy solutions.

We are pleased to inform that Silbat will be sponsoring the TPV-15 and 2nd UHTES workshop. We are honored to be a part of this event and are committed to supporting the latest advancements in technology. We look forward to contributing to the success of the workshop and collaborating with other industry leaders.