Lux Research reviews Silbat

Silbat is proud to announce that Lux Research, a premier provider of tech-driven research and advisory solutions, has conducted a thorough analysis of its project and technology. Lux Research has updated its innovator’s assessment platform for its corporate clients and demonstrated a strong understanding of Silbat’s technology and competitive position. The outlook provided by Lux Research is very positive, giving Silbat a great deal of confidence in its future success.

As pioneers in the research industry, Lux Research combines technical expertise and business insights with a proprietary intelligence platform, utilizing advanced analytics and data science to reveal true leading indicators. By challenging traditional thinking and providing unique perspectives, Lux Research empowers its clients to make informed decisions that drive growth and innovation.13 May, 2024

Silbat selected for Spain’s Desafia Programme in UK’s Cleantech Ecosystem