Ignacio Luque interviewed by Alessandro Armenia at InnoStation

InnoStation is an engaging podcast focusing on entrepreneurship and innovation within the energy transition. Led by EIT InnoEnergy students and alumni, InnoStation brings forth the perspectives and experiences of start-up founders, exploring the 4Ds of the energy transition: decentralisation, decarbonisation, digitalisation, and democratisation. To learn more, visit their website: https://community.innoenergy.com/page/community-innostation-podcast

InnoStation’s latest episode features an exclusive interview with Ignacio Luque, co-founder and CEO of Silbat. Engaging in a thought-provoking discussion, Alessandro Armenia skillfully unravels the insights presented by Ignacio. Drawing from InnoStation’s introduction that sets the stage for this interesting conversation “…Silbat, a company revolutionizing energy storage for renewable sources. Silbat’s innovative approach involves storing excess renewable energy in molten silicon at temperatures reaching up to 1400°C, and recovering the stored energy in the form of electricity using thermophotovoltaic cells.

Today, as the world grapples with the challenges of energy sustainability and the need for reliable renewable energy sources, Silbat’s innovation presents a promising solution. With an eye on both efficiency and cost-effectiveness, their technology boasts a CapEx of around $13 per kilowatt-hour, making sustainable energy more accessible than ever.

Join us as we explore the mechanics of Silbat’s molten silicon storage system, its impact on the renewable energy landscape, and Ignacio’s journey from concept to realization. We’ll explore how Silbat’s technology is not just a leap in energy storage but also a versatile, adaptable solution for modern energy demands, setting new standards in the industry.”

We want to thank InnoStation and its commendable editorial team, including Wadah Rafie, Alessandro Armenia, Vinay Mane, Madhav Unni, and Vedika Kulkarni, for their valuable contributions. You can listen to the podcast on Spotify: https://buff.ly/3w1HcsJ
or Apple Podcasts: https://buff.ly/47OwvHm.