Silbat among top startups chosen by Plug and Play for its 2023 Energy Batch

Plug and Play, known as one of Silicon Valley’s dynamic energy innovation platforms and venture capitalists, has recognized Silbat’s potential and welcomed them into their prestigious Energy Batch.

Quoting Plug and Play, “…These companies are not just revolutionizing the energy landscape; they are pioneers in electrification, mobility, and low-carbon solutions.

Silbat – Spain 
Rainforest Automation – Canada
FlyX Technologies  – US
Bovlabs  – France
Power to Hydrogen – US
ElectricFish – US
Newtrace – India 
Blackburn Energy – US
Piersica – US

Stay tuned as we share more about our start-ups, their visionary founders, and the incredible impact they are set to make.”

The exciting pitching event took place during the December Summit, hosted at the renowned Plug and Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale, CA. Dr. Marius Zehender, one of the brilliant minds driving our technological advancement, captivated a diverse audience of venture capitalists and esteemed corporations, sharing our company’s remarkable achievements and ambitious roadmap. We couldn’t be more delighted to showcase our groundbreaking energy storage technology amidst the thriving Silicon Valley ecosystem, standing shoulder to shoulder with other exceptional energy ventures carefully chosen for this momentous occasion.