Silbat joins forces with Aurora Energy in their latest report, uncovering the game-changing impact of LDES on the Spanish power system

The British consultancy firm, Aurora Energy, has released an insightful report titled “Long Duration Energy Storage in Spain.” This comprehensive study delves into the pivotal effects of deploying Long Duration Energy Storage (LDES) in Spain’s power and industry sector. It explores the economic feasibility of different LDES technologies and outlines essential policies, regulations, and private sector interventions required for the successful implementation of LDES.

The key findings of this report are profound:

  • The deployment of LDES in Spain brings about a remarkable total system savings of 1 billion euros between 2025 and 2060, surpassing the scenario without LDES.
  • LDES plays a crucial role in absorbing electricity from renewable sources, practically eliminating economic curtailment by 2035.
  • By replacing thermal and hydrogen-fuelled power generation, LDES accelerates the achievement of Net Zero in the power sector by 5 years compared to the scenario without LDES.
  • In the industry sector, certain thermal storage assets are already competitive with existing technologies like gas boilers by 2025, paving the way for reduced CO2 emissions.
  • While LDES may face challenges regarding upfront capital investment and pricing signals, it derives significant value by providing non-frequency auxiliary services that are not currently procured individually.
  • Despite policymakers recognizing the long-term need for storage and setting a target of 22 GW of storage by 2030, current subsidies do not align with emerging LDES technologies.
    Aurora Energy, founded by Oxford professors and economists, has firmly established itself as Europe’s largest dedicated power analytics provider. The study was commissioned by Breakthrough Energy and received valuable input and feedback from prominent organizations and entities including the Ministerio para la Transición Ecológica y el Reto Demográfico, IDAE, Instituto para la Diversificación y Ahorro de la Energía, Red Eléctrica, CNMC (Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia), Ministerio de Industria y Turismo, LDES Innovators, associations, and corporations.
    Among the innovative players in the LDES landscape, Silbat has actively contributed factual insights and figures regarding its technology and the compelling business case for LDES.